Male. Southeast Asian . Sagittarius. Rabbit . Ballpoint Pen Artist. Artist by Nature. Free Spirit . Buddhist-Existentialist. Empty-Minded . Golden Rabbit, Silent Monkey. Rastro . OPUS . Constantly on the Run from Reality. Imaginative. Strange. Peculiar. Creative. Deep Thinker. Unorthodox. Unreachable. Unobtainable. Unordinary. Aboriginal. Abnormal. Abstract. Wise. Rather Do Than Say. Noodles. Unique. Independent. Animals Over Human Beings. Spontaneous. Poetic. Not from this Planet. Quiet. Relaxed. Sensitive. Jupiter. Self-taught. Meditate. Passionate. Wanderer.

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#phoenix #tattoodesign  ‘06 #blackbook  piece (Taken with Instagram)

#phoenix #tattoodesign ‘06 #blackbook piece (Taken with Instagram)

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