Male. Southeast Asian. Sagittarius. Year of the Rabbit. Ballpoint Pen Artist. Artist by Nature. Free Spirit. Buddhist-Existentialist. Empty-Minded. Golden Rabbit, Silent Monkey. Rastro. Constantly on the Run from Reality. Imaginative. Strange. Peculiar. Creative. Deep Thinker. Unorthodox. Unreachable. Unobtainable. Unordinary. Aboriginal. Abnormal. Abstract. Wise. Rather Do Than Say. Noodles. Unique. I Heart Japan. Independent. Animals Over Human Beings. Faces on Inanimate Objects. Ice Cream. Sour Patch Kids. Sun & Rain. Spontaneous. Poetic. Not from this Planet. Imposter. Doing the Robot. Quiet. Infinite Ideas. Occasional Vandalist. Long walks on the Beach. Moonlit Dinners. Video Games. Relaxed. Calm. Makes Weird Noises & Voices. Sensitive. Rarely Angry. Pho'natic. Starbucks. Jupiter. Self-taught. Meditate. Passionate. Wanderer.

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